Our Program

Our Program

What is unique about the Montessori Method?

The focus on the “Whole Child”, “Prepared Environment” and “Montessori Materials” make the method different from the many programs.

montessori in garden groveMontessori allows each child to reach his/her full potential in all areas of development. Activities in our Montessori environment promote cognitive, physical and social skills. Children are allowed to experience the joy of learning by allowing them to learn at their own pace.

The “prepared environment” allows for self-directing learning to take place. The freedom in the environment permits children to take ownership for their learning thus building self-positive concept and confidence.

The Montessori designed manipulative materials for all subject areas (Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture) are multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting which facilitates learning of skills and ideas.

Our program supports the following philosophy about the children and their growth:

  • Each child individually learns in different ways, at a different pace, by different approaches and at different ages of maturation.
  • Learning occurs in an inquiring, cooperative, nurturing atmosphere. Students increases their own knowledge through self and teacher-initiated experiences
  • Learning takes place through the senses. Students learn by manipulating materials and interacting with others. These meaningful experiences are precursors to the abstract understanding of ideas.
  • A positive self-concept develops in children who can fulfill their goals, accomplish tasks on their own and cooperation with others and receives positive feeling from others.
  • Self-disciplined children can direct their efforts towards fulfillment of their goals, Children learn self-discipline through understanding, commitment and reinforcement.
  • Self-reliance is achieved by allowing children to do as many things for themselves as they are capable of but keeping in mind new skills.