Summer Program

Summer Program

Chapman Montessori School will be holding a 8 to 9 week summer program from July - August! All children between the ages of 2 - 12 are welcome. To learn more about our summer school program, please contact our Garden Grove Montessori at 800.587.0725 or email

(Summer Program themes will vary every year)

2019 Summer Program Themes

Week 1: Let’s Get Acquainted

Activities include celebrating Independence Day , flags, silly faces photos, friends’ interviews, group art projects; Friday - Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 2: Butterflies & Ladybugs

Activities include making friendship bracelets, butterfly egg hatch, life cycles of a ladybug/ butterfly, a Movie of the world of insects, and arts and crafts. Montessori work; Friday - Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 3: Our Fabulous Five Senses

Explore the environment using five senses, water based art projects, music, yoga, Montessori Work; Wednesday- Cookery Time; Friday - Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 4: Junior Scientist/Dinosaurs

Learn about Dinosaurs and fossils, make Dino Eggs; Learn and discuss the changes in consistency, make Quesadillas, Cupcakes and Lemonade; Montessori Work; Friday - Splash day; Thursday - Movie Time and much, much more!

Week 5: International Week

Activities include learning about the continents, food, costumes, music, arts, and cultural events; Montessori Work; Wednesday - Music; Thursday - Yoga; Friday Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 6: Imaginaries

Activities include unique inventions using recyclables, marble, kitchen gadgetry...etc; and Montessori Work; Thursday - Movie Time; Friday - Splash day and much, much more!

Week 7: Disney and Fairy Tales/In-House Field Trip

History of Disney, story Time; Activities include face painting, Crafts, Disney Movie day; In-House Field Trip (TBA); Montessori Work; Friday-Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 8: Summer Science

Activities include experiments with - Acids and Bases, Gravity, Changes in the State of Matter, Liquid and Solids, Chemical Reactions; Art Projects, Painting on Canvas; Montessori Work; Friday - Splash Day and much, much more

Week 9: Chapman Olympics

Activities include watermelon eating and puzzle making contests, relay races, obstacle courses, paper airplane contest, Water Fun, Movie Time and much, much more! 

End of summer school potluck party.

* Activities may change due to weather or events